Stories, True and Otherwise

Stories, True and Otherwise



Spend a few minutes wandering the halls of Denver Union Station and you’re bound to be struck not just by the dramatic ceilings or the eclectic eateries, but also by the art—not the safe, blend-into-the-scenery pastels that frequently clutter the walls of public spaces, but actual art. Challenging pieces that grab your attention and start conversations.

This isn’t mere good fortune, and it isn’t an accident. The 589 pieces that populate the Union Station collection were hand-picked over the course of more than six months under the guidance of NINE dot ARTS, a curating and consultancy outfit headquartered in Denver’s up-and-coming RiNo district. Taken together, the collection brings warmth and vitality to one of the city’s most historic landmarks.

“In a sense, what we were doing was reacting to the origins of the building,” said Dana Crawford, the woman behind the redevelopment of Larimer Square in the 1960s and The Oxford Hotel in the 1980s. Crawford is a primary force behind the Union Station redevelopment and the namesake of the building’s crown jewel, The Crawford Hotel. “It was sort of like a little vacation to go over there and get involved with the art that is going to be a part of this great effort of bringing this building back to life. It redefines Denver in a very big way.” . . .

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photo courtesy of Daniel O'Connor and Modern in Denver

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