The building rests along a stretch of South Broadway in Englewood, an unassuming but iconic structure—part of the landscape’s fabric after so many decades but still as eye-catching as the day it first appeared.

The raw dimensions tell a muted version of the story: two floors, 32 feet of total height, and 10,000 square feet of interior space. More immediately visible are the dramatic flourishes: its asymmetrical ovoid shape punctuated by three distinct openings in the upper body, including a two-story niche that houses the main entrance. To the uninitiated passerby, the whole thing looks a little like a spaceship.

But much like the man who designed it, the Key Savings and Loan Association building is immeasurably more than the sum of its eclectic parts. Half a century later, Charles Deaton’s work remains as vital and influential as ever. 

Learn about Deaton and his iconic portfolio right here. 

- from the Summer 2016 issue of Modern in Denver magazine